“Working with content was a dream. Alison and Tori bring a wealth of health and wellness knowledge, insight, and creativity to the table, with a thorough understanding of brands and talent that have a strong alignment with yours. From understanding brand goals and values through to event and programming execution, their work is efficient, thorough, professional, and always with the client’s needs at the forefront. And what's more...they're kind, driven, and delightful to be with.”

- Olivia Tucker, Brand Manager of The Hoxton - North America

“Working with Alison and Tori was such a pleasure. They said things like, "it's our job to make things easier on you, we know that." And the entire experience was exactly that - they kept me on track, sent friendly reminders (when I was behind,) and the final product was executed more beautifully than we could have asked for. Not to mention, they had amazing, supportive, easy going energy and attitudes. I basically want them to run every experience for us going forward.”

- Lauren Bille, Founder of allbodies.


“It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Alison and Tori as I build Future of Women. They think about our partnerships so artfully, thoughtfully, and creatively, making decisions with the big picture, and our company values in mind.”

- Hallie Applebaum, Founder of Future of Women

“content brought Kitty and Vibe's first IRL experience to life flawlessly. My confidence in content, and their genuine support of Kitty and Vibe led us to have a beautiful working relationship that made the planning and execution process feel way more like fun vs. work. The success of our first collaboration has led to the growth of an event series that will continue to have an integral part in the community building of my D2C brand.”

- Cameron Armstrong, Founder of Kitty and Vibe


“It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at content. Their understanding of our vision, mission, and goals is remarkable and a refreshing alternative to the standard agency experience. Their expertise in building and enhancing relationships has made them a tremendous asset to our company!”

- Raquel Nowak, Founder of Matrescence

 “I fell in love with the content team the first time I met them before they were even officially an agency. I felt they would be the girls for the job. My organization has been working with them since their start and we couldn’t be happier. They’re always sharp, witty, fast, and very sweet! They’re the best man for the job…maybe because they’re women!”

- Clementine Desseaux, Founder of All Womxn Project


“content’s expertise in digital strategy is second to none. From website design to social media strategy to brand assets, content has transformed the visual identity of WAYE’s brand and elevated our visual market presence invaluably. Tori and Alison work incredibly efficiently, are detail oriented, and possess a state of the art tool kit in building a strong and meaningful brand presence. I look forward to joining forces with content again in the future!”

- Sinead Bovell, Founder of WAYE

 “I’ve worked with this dynamic duo for only a short time but they’ve made such a tremendous impact on the trajectory of my business. They brought clarity and direction to the delivery of our messaging, which led us to honing in on our voice. This is just a glimpse of what they’re capable of doing and we’re so excited to continue to work with an innovative, talented, and inspiring agency. “

- Rebecca Lima, CEO & Co-founder of The Lieu