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Post 25 – Enter the Flow


Free. Spiralling. Unravelling. A breath. Relief. When hard work finally bears fruit. The joining. Entering the stream. The ocean is close – I can smell the sea air and taste a pinch if salt. Effortless. Flowing. All downstream now. No longer I clutch at the banks and stable rocks. The current draws me on faster and faster. ‘Come with me. That’s right – jump straight in! It’s easy, right?’ ‘I don’t know what they were talking about? Just urban myths’ you say. ‘I concur.’ I always like saying that. ‘The water is warm, just right. How you like it. There is nothing hiding down below. Just keep your eyes on the sunset. That is where we are going, just like every other time.’ ‘Oh yeah’ you say. ‘I forgot.’ ‘That’s alright’ I say. ‘That’s why I’m here to remind you.’ ‘Is it time to let go?’ ‘Yes, we’re about to arrive.’