Day 47 – the Kindness of Strangers

The WordPress Daily Post have suggested a wonderful topic for writing about that definitely fits the theme of my blog and that is to share a story about the kindness that a stranger has shown me. I am sure there are many instances of this that I could describe from throughout may life but one is particular, although not at all dramatic, stands out in my mind. In fact, there are multiple instances that this person has demonstrated kindness, which, I suppose you could say, means he borders on not being a stranger any more.

So, I frequently hide myself away on work days in a coffee shop behind our office, to take a little quiet time to work on more reflective aspects of my job and for a much-needed change of scene. I very much enjoy sitting on a couch and contemplating with a hot beverage. Even though it is still work and usually I’m working on developing and documenting some policy or procedure, there is something about that relaxed space where the mind flows and writing is effortless.

Every now and again, there is a man, by no means remarkable, who comes into the cafe. He comes in with a delivery perched on a trolley and walks very quickly. Even when it is cold he wears shorts and a fluro work top. He has a beard and isn’t particularly tall – nothing remarkable at al. And yet he is remarkable. He always smiles and wishes you well in such a way that you feel good to be you. He gives you his full presence in those fleeting, seemingly ordinary exchanges. His eyes twinkle and despite the fact that he probably spends most of his days making deliveries, he his happy and consistently so. You can feel his joy at being alive and sharing those moments with others. There is no sense of his wanting to change his situation or strive for more. He simply is happy and it is a joy to be around. So, thank you Mr Delivery Man for putting a smile on my face and warming my heart. I could learn a lot from you!

Me smiling

Me smiling


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About annaj

We're all inter-connected and interdependent, so there is not much more for me to say about myself that you don't already know about you. Like all beings, feathered, furred or clothed, I wish to be happy. Around the year 2005, I discovered the Buddhist teachings via a near break-down (when I could no longer live up to my mind-made personal expectations), the kindness of friends, yoga and a book store. For me, from there, there was no looking back. I love the experiential truth that the Buddhist teachings embody. There is nothing there that you cannot experience yourself with a little patience, determination and open-mindedness.

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