Sometimes we ex…

Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

I found this quote on the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ facebook page. I really like it because I think we can often beat ourselves up for having ill thoughts of feelings towards others instead of looking deeper into them to find the ‘golden kernel’ that is hidden within. Looking deeply at  seemingly negative thoughts is an opportunity for deeper understanding and self love. When I read this quote it was like ‘yes, that does happen to me’ and, ‘wow, I can be kind and generous’. Somehow, through that personal acceptance and understanding it makes it easier for me to accept when someone is not able to give me more but, how wonderful that I am able to give to them!


About annaj

We're all inter-connected and interdependent, so there is not much more for me to say about myself that you don't already know about you. Like all beings, feathered, furred or clothed, I wish to be happy. Around the year 2005, I discovered the Buddhist teachings via a near break-down (when I could no longer live up to my mind-made personal expectations), the kindness of friends, yoga and a book store. For me, from there, there was no looking back. I love the experiential truth that the Buddhist teachings embody. There is nothing there that you cannot experience yourself with a little patience, determination and open-mindedness.

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